How to choose the best saree

Published On 2016-03-26 1:32 PM by Vismay Online
Sarees have the largest number of variations on a 6 yard piece.  You can’t imagine such variations in any other Indian attire. A saree should be chosen by keeping the body type and skin tone of the person in mind. Choice of sarees may vary with the occasion.  Some sarees are used only for special occasions whereas there are a few other sarees which are meant for daily use.  Simple sarees are often made from cotton whereas fancy sarees will be richly embroidered or beaded. 
You should have a clear idea about the colours that suit you.  Colours that suit dusky skinned women may not be good for the pale skinned.  They have to choose colours that don’t drown them up. 
The pattern of the saree should highlight the positive aspects of your body and skin tone. According to experts, a short woman can choose a saree without border whereas a tall woman should look for a saree with border.  The width of the border of your saree can highlight or diminish your height, say experts.
Make a note of the way the drape covers over your curves.  Heavier women can choose materials like chiffon or chignon as they do not make their body look rounder.  Skinny women look good in cotton or organza as they create a fuller effect when compared to chiffon or chignon. 
Check the full length of the fabric before buying. This will help you to find out discoloration & tear.  
Avoid sarees with large prints. Such sarees will look unattractive on even the best-looking women.
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