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Indian wedding sarees

Wedding preparations in an Indian family often start with the search for shops and boutiques that sell the perfect Indian bridal outfits that reflects the style and personality of a typical Indian bride. Often this becomes the priority of many families, even before selecting the venue or deciding the guest list & the menu.  The bride-to-be selects the wedding saree and makes sure that it doesn’t clash & over shadow the beauty of her jewellery. The colour and design chosen will be always unique.

The most important part of saree selection is choosing the right wedding saree with the most attractive colour. Choosing right trend & right color is very important in deciding the prettiness of the saree. Indian brides usually choose red outfits for their wedding.  Red or eye-catching shades of red are often preferred for the "D" day. 

The place of wedding has a lot to do with the choice of wedding sarees. There are women who prefer simple wedding and grand reception later. Such wedding functions are often attended only by family members and close relatives, usually held in temples/churches or some place of religious importance. In such cases it is better to choose two entirely different sarees for both the functions. Brides-to-be can choose a gaudy one for the reception and a relatively simpler one for the wedding. The bridal outfits in both the cases should be highly comfortable & should embrace the rich Indian culture & tradition.
Traditional red and maroon sarees are available in plenty these days and are often seen in Indian weddings. And of course, fusion sarees with shades of blue, aquamarine, sea green, lilac and rose are also popular these days.  Such sarees will have rich embroidery in silver and gold.

Theme weddings are also very common in India these days.  A wedding outfit that has a slight merge of western & Indian cuts with embroidery and bead work will look good for theme weddings, provided it matches with the theme that’s being chosen.

Wedding is one of the happiest occasions in the life of a woman. It is often a great social gathering with a lot of pomp and splendor. So the saree chosen should reflect the happiness & zeal that you are planning to convey.

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